Connected solutions by TotalEnergies


Track your boats and ensure they are used safely

Thanks to the installation of its connected devices, Findit locates your boats and communicates useful data to help manage your activity.


This solution emerged from your needs and from partnerships with professional transporters who use it and enjoy its benefits daily. Each feature was developed to meet your specific needs in the best possible way and to optimise your boat fleet.

Solution de localisation de vos bateaux

View your boats

You spend too much time looking for your boats, you cannot find them and sometimes they are even stolen.

Solutions connectées pour la sécurisation de votre activité fluviale

Secure your business

You want to be alerted when a client experiences difficulty on your boat or when they break down. 

Contrôle des déplacements de vos bateaux

Movement control

You want to monitor the movements of your boats and make sure they are not moving offshore.


While localising your euipment and ensuring they are used safely, the Findit connected solution will accompany you in the daily management of your fleet.

Locate your boats

Monitor the movement of your assets on the interactive map: moving, short and long stops.

Prevent unauthorised movement

Select your alert criteria and be notified in the event of a movement outside authorised areas or during an unauthorised time frame.

Secure your activity

With the push of a button, your clients can send you an alert message in case of difficulty.

View your data easily

access your data on the Findit portal or directly in your own IT systems (TMS, ERP, Fleet management system…).


Findit is Total group’s brand of connected objects. Simple, autonomous, reliable and economic, it helps you on a daily basis in managing your activity at lower costs.

Fast to install

Installed in a few minutes, the devices do not require any wire or connection


Autonomous connected devices equipped with a long-life battery, guaranteed for 5 years


Certified ATEX IIC T4 devices which communicate through Sigfox secure network


Monthly subscription at moderate costs provided with the devices

Because they are in the best position to talk about the solution, watch the video testimonials from our customers.

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