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Track and optimise your railway fleet

« Where is my wagon? » is an innovative IoT solution based on the use of autonomous connected devices. Installed in a few minutes on your wagons or railway equipment, these devices communicate via the Sigfox network to collect useful data to monitor and manage your activity.


This comic presentation explains how the solution works. From your specific needs, to the signature of the contract and use of the solution, follow the Findit customer experience step by step.


This solution emerged from your needs and from partnerships with professional transporters who use it and enjoy its benefits daily. Each feature was developed to meet your specific needs in the best possible way and to optimise your railway equipment.

Optimisation de vos wagons et équipements ferroviaires

Poor visibility of your fleet

You spend too much time looking for your wagons and goods, and sometimes you cannot even find them. You want to boost your productivity.


Understanding your usage rate

You have too many stopped wagons. It costs you money and you want to increase their usage time. You are losing revenue opportunities.

Train delays

Frequent train delays cause stock shortages and force you to use road transport. This leads to extra-costs and client poor satisfaction.


Learn how to monitor your equipment fleet: utilisation rates, estimated delays… Save time, increase productivity and reduce additional costs due to customer poor satisfaction and wasted time.

Locate and identify the wagons approaching maintenance, detect coupling and uncoupling, assets entering or exiting an area…

Create your own alerts and upload them to a customisable dashboard to monitor your entire fleet.

Consult your data on the Findit portal or directly in your own IT systems (TMS, ERP, Fleet management system…).

Cartographie interactive pour retrouver facilement vos actifs

Your personalised customer area


Be alerted to unusual events, boost your trains usage rate, monitor your fleet, and improve the management of your fleet thanks to the data collected by the Findit devices.

Boost your equipment’s utilisation rate

Visualise the utilisation rate of your wagons, their distance travelled, their average stopped time as well as the maintenance and alert status of your fleet and improve them to reduce your investments.

Optimise your fleet’s maintenance

Schedule maintenance tasks for your equipment to reduce their downtime. Anticipate maintenance to avoid fines and optimally organise your operations.

Receive alerts when unusual events occur

Select your alert criteria (unauthorised uncoupling, unauthorised movement, enteing or exiting an unauthorised area, approaching an inspection date...), for the right person to be notified in case of an abnormal event.

Analyse and share your activity

Generate relevant statistics thanks to Findit customisable dashboard: number of stopped wagons, downtime of each wagon, average downtime and their utilisation rate.


Findit is Total group’s brand of connected objects. With proven expertise in the field of transport, Findit offers tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific needs of your sector.

Fast to install

Installed in a few minutes, the devices do not require any wire or connection


Autonomous connected devices equipped with a long-life battery, guaranteed for 5 years


Certified ATEX IIC T4 devices which communicate through Sigfox secure network


Monthly subscription at moderate costs provided with the devices

Because they are in the best position to talk about the solution, watch video testimonials from our transport customers

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